Adventure Through Tea with Silk Tea Co

With the release of a fourth enticing blend, I was finally pushed over the edge and ready to try Silk Tea Co.

The company had been on my list to try with their lovely sounding flavors and unique, attention grabbing names for a little while. I had been ready to purchase the three sample pack right when a fourth blend was hinted at so I decided to wait and that waiting brought much temptation. They released subtle hints of unique tea pairings and flavors of caramel and figs shown off in gorgeous photos. Each of their blends tells a story and takes you on a little adventure with every cup and the newest blend, Golden Hour, is the most daring and adventure filled yet.

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my now four sample pack, which came quite quickly in a pretty little bundle. The tea samples (each generous twenty-five gram portions) were wrapped in a black and white printed tissue paper and all tied up with a fluffy tulle bow.

The bags of loose leaf are all beautifully designed in rich colors and I was immediately drawn to the green one, The Secret Garden. This is their green tea with strawberry and honeydew and the one I decided to steep up first. On opening the package, my first thought was, ‘wow!’ The smell was incredible, fruity and floral all wrapped up in vanilla. It is a gorgeous blend with a greed background and pretty pops of pink, red, and orange. All of their blends have a luxurious look and powerfully inviting scents.

I steeped up The Secret Garden and it became a pretty buttercup yellow color with a delicious fruity scent. The owner of Silk Tea Co, MJ, in an interview talked of her fascination with scent and her care for this detail is abundantly obvious in each of her blends. I would love to have a perfume or candle version of both The Secret Garden and Desert Rose blends.

On to the taste, I first tried it plain as I typically do when trying new teas. It was a light and delightful green flavor with hints of rose and peppermint. I then added a touch of raw honey to my cup and the flavors bloomed into sweet yummy strawberry, crisp melon, and bright orange with hints of vanilla and floral. This taste rounds off and as you swallow leaves a refreshing hint of peppermint. The blending is perfect and each flavor has a purpose. The package mentions the tea being suited for multiple steeps, so I steeped it a second time and put that away to chill and then tried the third steep hot to see how the flavors lasted. Some of the flavors were still detectable, mostly the rose and peppermint with just a hint of melon.

The next day I tried out the chilled version, it was light and refreshing with flavors of green tea, melon, and peppermint. It was not quite to my taste but I am not a big fan of iced tea. I do think with some honey though, the chilled version would make a nice accompaniment to a picnic on a warm day.

This tea does transport you to a secret garden in your mind. It is very calming, absolutely delicious, and won the spot of my favorite tea in the sample pack.

My second favorite blend was the Desert Rose. This tea is so calming and gentle with just a hint of spice to keep it interesting. Desert Rose is their decaf blend and I usually don’t enjoy decaffeinated teas, but I like this one and that may be due to the decaf tea being green. This tea is like a beautiful rose water with a hint of cardamom that adds a warming spice to the background giving it an exotic feel. With a bit of honey, this tea reaches another level and is such a surprising delight.

Their Morning Sex blend was the one that first caught my eye from its name and packaging. This blend is all about indulgence and desires and not being ashamed about enjoying them. It has a milk oolong base with several floral ingredients giving it a look of celebration confetti. Its flavor is described to be reminiscent of creme brulee.

This tea was nice, however it was not my personal indulgence tea. I did not get a creme brulee flavor, I mostly got a floral orange taste, which was nice but not my tea of desire. What throws this tea off for me is the lavender, I do not like lavender at all. I can drink this tea because the flavors are balanced well, and without the lavender it may actually be perfect for my tastes. As the tea cools it does develop a nice vanilla/creamy taste with a hint of orange which would probably become even more noticeable in further steeps as the milk oolong opens up.

The final tea is the new Golden Hour. This tea had my interest and curiosity from the first few hints. Some slight hesitation crept in at the mention of a lightly smoked tea. On asking about this, I was assured this was a unique and very light smoking method resulting in a sweet taste. So I decided to face my dislike of smoked teas and give it a try, after all the other ingredients sounded too perfect. The loose tea has large chunks of fruit, cardamom, and caramel mixed into the assam and oolong.

It steeps up to a nice deep golden color, perfect for the golden hour time of day it was named for. My first thoughts were that it almost tasted golden, with a bright warmth to the flavor. It was somewhat light in flavor but a nicely blended mix of caramel and fig with the slightest hint of a sweet smoke that reminded me of a burning candle. The package suggested to elevate the flavors by adding honey or cream so I added in a small bit of honey. This seemed to open up the smokey flavor more, but it was still an aspect of the blend that I did enjoy. The caramel and fruit flavors were also brought out more, creating an amazing blend of flavors that do evoke a memory or feeling of that beautiful and slightly mysterious time of day that is golden hour where the sun is going down and the world is lighting up golden.

Silk Tea Co clearly pays an abundance of attention and care to the details of creating and blending of their teas. They are well balanced, high quality, and tell a story. I greatly look forward to what they have in store for the future. I would be curious to see them play around with herbals, specifically chamomile and ginger, or see what they do with a white tea. For now though, my favorites are absolutely The Secret Garden and Desert Rose.

If you are interested you can see my first impression tastings of these teas on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for spending some time with me and learning about Silk Tea Co. You can find their website here,

Have a lovely day!

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