Matcha Mini Shaker from Den’s Tea

Recently I bought a neat little tea gadget, the Matcha Mini Shaker from Den’s Tea. This is a unique little product which they designed and have patent pending, to help you make powdered teas (like matcha) quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

Now, I am all for practicing traditional ways of making tea, I love assembling the teaware and slowing down to get into the full ritual of making tea. However, sometimes it is nice to have something to make your tea making easy and fast. The Matcha Mini Shaker is also at a great price point of $2.00, for those new to trying powdered tea it is a much cheaper commitment than having to buy whisk, bowl, sifter, and scoop.

I bought this partly because I wanted to test how well it worked and partly because I was trying out some new kinds of powdered teas for the first time and did not want to commit to buying all the accessories yet. I purchased some of Den’s Tea’s Houjicha Powder and Powdered Benifuki teas to use with the shaker. I adore houjicha (or hojicha) and had a pretty good idea I would like it in powdered form too, but you can never be fully certain. Even though it is called a matcha shaker, I did not get any matcha. I found when I tried matcha before that while I enjoy the taste, the caffeine content makes me feel like I am vibrating and I do not enjoy that sensation.

I have found houjicha powder intriguing though, since houjicha teas are so much lower in caffeine. It also gets to be very tempting to buy some when I keep seeing people posting delicious drinks and baking recipes with houjicha.

Anyways, back to the shaker. I think it works very well and does a great job mixing up the powdered houjicha. You add 1/2 teaspoon of powder and 1.5 ounces of water and shake. Some recipes I have seen do call for 1 tablespoon of powder, in which case you have to repeat the process again, but it is simple and quick. Once you have your little shaker of concentrated tea, you can add it to more water (hot or cold), some kind of milk, or Den’s suggests pouring it over ice cream. Loads of possibilities.

Inside the Shaker

So far, I have made a hot houjicha latte with 2% milk and maple syrup. It was creamy, yummy, and reminded me of hot chocolate. There is a video on my YouTube channel if you would like to watch you can click here. I also made a cold drink with water, chocolate almond milk, and ice. This one was okay, but I think I needed a better ratio and possibly less or no ice.

Houjicha Powder

Lu Ann, over on The Cup of Life Blog has two delicious sounding salted caramel hojicha recipes which I do plan to try soon. Houjicha Co. has several recipes on their site as well including a strawberry one which I would like to try. Be assured more tea experiments are coming.

All in all, so far I really like Den’s Tea’s Matcha Mini Shaker and their Houjicha Powder. Be on the lookout for more houjicha fun.

Thanks for joining me for a bit and I hope you have a lovely day!

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I'm a writer who loves tea. I write mostly in the fantasy genre and usually work on book length projects. I do have one short story published. My big passion is tea, loose leaf tea. I drink 3-4 cups a day. I steep tea both western and gongfu styles. I have quite a large tea and teaware collection. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, embroidery, and playing with my kitty, Nimbus.

4 thoughts on “Matcha Mini Shaker from Den’s Tea

  1. lovely review of Den’s tea; I am hoping to purchase the matcha mini shaker; thank you for bringing this to my attention. Be well.

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  2. I purchased the mini shaker and I have not even had time to open the package as yet; I am hoping to do so when I’ve purchased some matcha tea to use in it. Where I reside, the condo unit was placed on the market; and we’ve had open house with folk/strangers perusing our place; most depressing experience. I am not sure if I will continue or can continue to blog which is something that I am used to; deleting of my blogs. No matter, I am a degenerate who cannot cope. I purchased the mini matcha shaker and looking forward to using it someday is all.


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