Cardamom And Rose

Lately I have been quite obsessed with the combination of cardamom and rose. I love how these two flavors work together, the light, pleasant, calming floral with a warm touch of gentle spice.

This obsession was sparked by the Silk Tea Co’s Desert Rose tea. This tea has decaf green tea, cardamom, rose, and lychee, which blend so magically together and create a delicious and relaxing cup with a slightly spiced Moroccan vibe.

After trying this tea I knew I needed more of this combination so went looking to buy some cardamom. Several tea shops sell cardamom pods on their own and so do many grocery stores. It can be a bit pricey but it is worth it. I know I wanted good quality cardamom and I happened to come across a post from Nazanin (@teathoughts) talking about her love for The Chai Box. So I went to check them out because the blend she mentioned was cardamom and rose and she said it was very good.

Taking a closer look, they have several chai blends with all sorts of combinations as well as individual spices you can buy to create your own blends. I bought some of the Hill Station blend (cardamom and rose chai) and a bag of cardamom pods.

Now if you want something that will really wake up your senses, it’s their cardamom, hand picked in India like all of their spices. It has a brilliant green color and the scent of warm citrus and pepper. When you’re making the Hill Station Chai and the blend meets hot water an amazingly intoxicating scent perfumes the whole room. Such a beautiful fragrance and a lovely addition to the tea making experience.

Their blends come with instructions printed on the bag and (at least with the Hill Station) they have directions for both western style brewing and stove top chai with milk. Western brewed with a little honey and a splash of milk, this tea is very good. Citrus notes and a hint of gentle spice from the cardamom blend so well with the soft rose floral. It’s a simple blend, but so fresh and flavorful, I greatly enjoy it.

I tried the stove top recipe as well, this way really perfumes the kitchen with amazing smells. However I did not prefer this tea blend with the recommended amount of milk. By no means was it bad, I just liked it much better with less milk.

Continuing with my cardamom obsession, I broke open one of the pods I got from The Chai Box and mixed that and some rose petals in some white tea to see what would happen. The flavor was fairly light, but did add a nice depth of flavor and interest to the tea. I think next time I would use more cardamom.

I am continuing my experiments with adding cardamom to different teas to make my own blends and will write a recipe post when I come up with something really special to share.

For the longest time I didn’t think I liked cardamom, but now I have discovered I actually love and crave it. Always good to try out things in different ways since you might be surprised by what you like.

Do you like cardamom? What tea inclusions have you been loving lately?

Thanks for joining me, hope you have a lovely day!

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I'm a writer who loves tea. I write mostly in the fantasy genre and usually work on book length projects. I do have one short story published. My big passion is tea, loose leaf tea. I drink 3-4 cups a day. I steep tea both western and gongfu styles. I have quite a large tea and teaware collection. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, embroidery, and playing with my kitty, Nimbus.

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