New Tea Adventure (Bi Luo Chun)

Recently I was gifted a lovely little box of tea in exchange for an honest review. Umi Tea Sets sent me a box of their Bi Luo Chun tea and an absolutely adorable teacup. I had never tried Bi Luo Chun before and it was on my list of teas I really want to try, so I was thoroughly excited to get this tea.

Umi Tea Sets’ packaging for their Bi Luo Chun is fantastic, perfect as a nice treat for yourself or as a great gift idea. The box is a stiff cardboard material in a brilliant green color with a bamboo lid which seals tightly. Inside the tea is in a plastic bag to help keep it fresh. The packaging makes a great presentation and I think I may turn the bamboo lid into a coaster when the tea is gone, it is nice and sturdy.

Bi Luo Chun is a Chinese green tea which is rolled into little twisted shapes. The tea leaves are interesting to look at and have a nice spring time scent. I decided to try steeping this tea in two different ways to get a good idea of all the flavors it has to offer. One round I did western style brewing and the second I did grandpa style or glass brewing.

For the first brew, I steeped about five grams of tea in ten ounces of 170F water for two minutes. It steeped up a light yellow/gold color which complemented the cup they sent me nicely. The taste was fresh, bright, green, with a sweetness that brought to mind a spring meadow. Flavor-wise it reminded me somewhat of Sencha green tea. Overall a nice and serene tea that I greatly enjoyed.

When grandpa style brewing, I filled a glass with 175F water and added a spoonful of tea. A majority of the leaves sank quickly and soon the water took on a yellow/green hue. Watching this tea unfurl was delightful, I loved seeing the little curled leaves untwist and dance in the water. I feel a tea with great movement to it is perfect for grandpa style brewing, adding that extra sight sense to the experience. Brewed up this way, it gave off a nice fresh taste. Earlier on, I detected an almost black pepper flavor, but as it steeped it developed into a very green and floral taste. The tea had a great brightness to it and a bit of a savory tone to the flavor.

This tea is rather enjoyable and while I liked it both ways, I think I prefer the western style brewing a bit more since it kept the floral flavors softer.

Umi Tea Sets also surprised me with a beautiful little teacup. I could not help but smile when I unwrapped the cup because it had a yellow lotus flower on it and I love yellow. I feel like yellow can bring happiness, which is ideal for tea time. The cup is a nice small size, about two ounces. It has a great shape to it and delicate feel. A very nice addition to my teacup collection.

All together this was a wonderful experience in tea and teaware, I love the little tasting journey that comes with trying out a new tea.

If you would like to check out Umi Tea Sets you can click here.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you have a TEA-lightful day!

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I'm a writer who loves tea. I write mostly in the fantasy genre and usually work on book length projects. I do have one short story published. My big passion is tea, loose leaf tea. I drink 3-4 cups a day. I steep tea both western and gongfu styles. I have quite a large tea and teaware collection. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, embroidery, and playing with my kitty, Nimbus.

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