Moroccan Mint Tea

It’s always fun discovering a new tea company, especially when you can clearly see the dedication and care they put into the quality of their teas. Serenitea Apothecary was recently put on my radar and while they have a smaller selection, all of their teas are made with organic, high quality ingredients. I received aContinue reading “Moroccan Mint Tea”

Tea Experiments: Cold Chamomile Herbal

For this round of experiments, I tried three different chamomile blend recipes. I love chamomile and often have a hot cup before bed because I find it very calming and relaxing. For this though, I wanted to try it out cold and with some different blends. I did two blends cold steeped and one blendContinue reading “Tea Experiments: Cold Chamomile Herbal”

Tea Experiments: Iced Blackberry Maple Tea

I love baking and cooking and typically put my own spin on things when following recipes, but rarely do I come up with something fully on my own. I thought doing some tea recipe experiments for the blog could be fun though. So I wrote down several ideas and decided to start with this, IcedContinue reading “Tea Experiments: Iced Blackberry Maple Tea”

The Tea Community (and Monarch Tea Co Review)

Tea brings people together, whether in reality or virtually, tea gives us something in common and something to share. In my experience, the virtual tea community is such a warm and inviting place. The people truly care and want to share their opinions on teas and tea companies while getting to know a little bitContinue reading “The Tea Community (and Monarch Tea Co Review)”

Adventure Through Tea with Silk Tea Co

With the release of a fourth enticing blend, I was finally pushed over the edge and ready to try Silk Tea Co. The company had been on my list to try with their lovely sounding flavors and unique, attention grabbing names for a little while. I had been ready to purchase the three sample packContinue reading “Adventure Through Tea with Silk Tea Co”